1. How is this different from LFS?

    In short, the project goals are different. We have a strong focus on the Toolchain and the overall method used to bootstrap a system. Scripting and Package Management are also high priority.

  2. Which architectures are supported?

    Currently supported is x86 (32-bit and 64-bit) and 32-bit PowerPC. Other architectures will not be supported unless we can access the hardware.

  3. What is an ICA?

    Iterative Comparison Analysis is a procedure we have devised to measure the validity of a built system. Due to the nature of our overall 2 phase method, it is very easy for bugs to creep in and cause inconsistencies in the binary files that form the end product. Having satisfactory results from an ICA confirms that the overall build procedures are sane. Specific details of the steps involved in an ICA are documented in the gsbuild scripts.